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Hi! Welcome to my first homepage where you can experience the love known as Alice Tinker! I got some lovely stuff here for you to look at so look at it if you know what I mean!





These are some of my favorite links! I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


Pink Kittens

Yes! Pink Kittens, they are cute aren't they! I have always adored them! But don't you think it would be great if they were born pink so that you wouldn't have to paint them! Well I got some before and after pictures of kittens who I think look better pink. Click them to see them in a larger size

cat.jpg (11762 bytes)  pinkcat.jpg (12426 bytes)


Yes. I do love teletubbies, even had some at my wedding! They are just so cute and cuddly! All those colors and that cute little language they do speak!


Here is the wall paper on my page that you can put on yours

purple.jpg (11305 bytes) green.jpg (9098 bytes) fchome_bkgd.gif (7614 bytes)